Oklahoma Game Hunting Inc.

Welcome to The Kiamichi Big Buck Classic

Oklahoma Game Hunting Inc.

Oklahoma Game Hunting Inc.

Welcome to The Kiamichi Big Buck Classic

Oklahoma Game Hunting Inc.

    $$ MORE THAN $82,000.00 in CASH Awarded yearly $$

    2nd Place Overall


    152 5/8 inch Boone & Crockett

    1st Place Overall


    2018 WINNER

    161 4/8 Boone & Crockett

    3rd Place Overall


    148 4/8 Boone & Crockett

    Gallery of past winners at bottom of website


    Want to take down the buck you've only dreamed of and win $ CA$H at the same time??


    Founded By Bob Carper in 1989  near Antlers, Oklahoma and currently continued with the base camp at the Hampton inn,  McAlester.  We are currently hunting  ranches close to the towns of Dustin (North) to just below Kiowa (South).

    Bob's idea was to have a Trophy Whitetail Hunt  for CASH & PRIZES.  What a great concept, shoot a Big Buck and win Big  BUCK$

    Now going on its 30th year, the Kiamichi Big Buck Classic has been a HUGH success, with many bucks taken, scoring over 160 inches Boone & Crockett.  

    The largest buck ever taken in the hunt was in 2017, a MONSTER 195 inches Boone & Crockett. All racks are  scored by Professionals.

    The properties hunted are leased plots totaling tens of thousands of acres.  All hunting stands are elevated and covered for concealment and protection against the weather. The stands also have feeders & food plots, most within 150 yards of the stands. They are strategically placed close enough to help bring in the deer and maybe give you the chance to see the buck of a lifetime.

    The stands are placed in areas that show significant signs of deer; rubs,  scrapes, trails and funnel points. The feeders are started in early September ,with corn and rice bran, situated in a food plot to ensure the deer get used to coming to the area in and around your stand.

    ***Be sure to visit us at 

    The Great American Outdoor Show 

    in Harrisburg, Pa. 

    Feb. 2nd to Feb. 10th 

    BOOTH #5618

    Hunting Stand Drawings

    Stands are drawn at random by hand in front of all hunters. Every hunter will be given a new stand for each day of the hunt.

    After each drawing your Guide will be available to talk to you about your stand layout and feeder location. 

    Your Guide will inform you what time your ride will leave from the hotel to take you to your stand, usually between 4 am and 4:30 am. Most hunters are in their stands an hour or more before first light.

    See below for Brochure & Application

    ***ATTENTION we are SOLD OUT for 2019***

    If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact Tonya Carper.


    Hunters will be staying at the Hampton Inn McAlester.

    Breakfast will be served each morning starting at 3am.

    A packed lunch with drinks will be available for each days hunt.

    On Monday evening, the last day of the hunt, a Banquet will be held at the McAlester Expo Center, where the winners will be announced and prizes awarded.

    Below are pics of 2018's Top 15 Bucks taken. Also scroll down for Pics of bucks from years past.

    Check out our 2018 Brochure